piece1 W1S1 [pi:s] n
3¦(single item)¦
4¦(small amount)¦
6 fall to pieces
7 go to pieces
8 smash/rip/tear something to pieces
9 pull/rip/tear somebody/something to pieces
10¦(art/music etc)¦
11¦(news item)¦
12 in one piece
13 give somebody a piece of your mind
14 be a piece of cake
15 be a piece of piss
16 a piece of the action
17 be (all) of a piece
21 be a piece of shit/crap
22 piece of ass
[Date: 1100-1200; : Old French; Origin: Vulgar Latin pettia]
1.) ¦(AMOUNT)¦
an amount of something that has been separated from the main part
piece of
He broke off a piece of bread and gave it her.
Cut off a piece of wood 5 cm in length.
His trousers were held up with a piece of string.
Would you like a small or a large piece?
cut/divide etc sth into pieces
She cut the cake into four equal pieces.
Chop the potato into bite-sized pieces.
2.) ¦(PART)¦
one of the parts that something divides or breaks into
piece of
a piece of broken glass
Individual pieces of text can be cut and pasted to their correct position.
in pieces
The china dish lay in pieces on the floor.
jigsaw pieces
His father had taught him how to take a gun to pieces .
The shelving comes to pieces (=divides into separate parts) for easy transport.
The shower head just came to pieces (=broke into separate parts) in my hand.
The fireplace was carefully dismantled piece by piece (=one part at a time) .
a single thing of a particular type, or something that is one of several similar things
piece of
Pass me another piece of paper.
You should eat three pieces of fruit a day.
She was wearing a single piece of jewellery.
You need to examine every piece of evidence first.
an excellent piece of work
a major piece of legislation
a piece of equipment
four-piece/60-piece etc
(=consisting of four, 60 etc separate parts)
a five-piece band
a three-piece suite (=two chairs and asofa)
4.) ¦(SMALL AMOUNT)¦ [usually singular]
a small amount of something that is interesting, useful, or unusual in some way
piece of advice/information/gossip etc
Let me give you a piece of advice.
We're witnessing a piece of history in the making.
piece of luck/good fortune
It really was an extraordinary piece of luck.
5.) ¦(LAND)¦
an area of land
piece of
a piece of waste ground
a dispute about a piece of land
6.) fall to pieces
a) to become old and in bad condition
All my clothes are falling to pieces.
They've let that lovely old house fall to pieces around them.
b) to no longer be successful or working well
The economy is falling to pieces.
7.) go to pieces
if a person or what they do goes to pieces, they are so upset or nervous that they cannot live, work, or perform as they should
He just went to pieces after his wife died.
Her performance goes to pieces when her father is watching.
8.) smash/rip/tear sth to pieces
to damage something badly by breaking it into many parts
His arm was ripped to pieces by a shark.
Wear thick gloves, otherwise you'll tear your fingers to pieces.
9.) pull/rip/tear sb/sth to pieces
to criticize someone or their ideas very severely
Donna could tear your work to pieces, and frequently did.
something that has been produced by an artist, musician, or writer
piece of music/writing/sculpture etc
some unusual pieces of sculpture
The LSO will perform a much-loved concert piece.
11.) ¦(NEWS ITEM)¦
a short ↑article in a newspaper or magazine or part of a television or radio programme that is about a particular subject
piece about/on
Did you read that piece in the Observer about censorship?
Robert wrote a short piece on the earthquake.
12.) in one piece informal
if you arrive somewhere in one piece, you are not injured
Cheer up. At least you're still in one piece .
Ring mum and let her know we got here in one piece .
13.) give sb a piece of your mind informal
to tell someone that you are very angry with them
After the game he gave the players a piece of his mind.
14.) be a piece of cake informal
to be very easy to do
Landing this type of aircraft is a piece of cake for an experienced pilot.
15.) be a piece of piss
BrE spoken not polite to be very easy to do
16.) a piece of the action informal
a share of the money from a business activity
And will foreign firms get a piece of the action ?
17.) be (all) of a piece
a) if the things someone says or does are all of a piece, they are part of the typical behaviour of that person
be (all) of a piece with
Sexist language is all of a piece with the way some men treat women.
b) to be the same or similar in all parts
The architecture here is all of a piece.
18.) ¦(MONEY)¦
a) a coin of a particular value
ten pence/fifty-cent etc piece
Have you change for a 50-cent piece?
b) old use a coin
Robert slipped two gold pieces into the man's hand.
19.) ¦(GAMES)¦
a small object used in a game such as ↑chess
AmE informal a small gun
21.) be a piece of shit/crap
spoken not polite used to show that you do not respect someone or something they say
22.) piece of ass
AmE informal not polite an offensive expression for a woman. Do not use this expression.
how long is a piece of string? atlong1 (9)
piece 2
piece2 v
piece together [piece sth<=>together] phr v
1.) to use all the information you have about a situation in order to discover the truth about it
Police are trying to piece together his movements before the murder.
Her early life has been pieced together from several different sources.
2.) to put all the separate parts of an object into the correct order or position
He slowly pieced together the torn fragments of a letter.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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